Man riding on Minuteman Bikeway

 Guidelines for Using the Path


SmallerDot EVERYONE: KEEP TO THE RIGHT except to pass.

SmallerDot Look carefully before entering or crossing the bikeway.

SmallerDot Pass on the left, only when safe. Give an audible warning before passing another bikeway user.

SmallerDot Make a complete stop at all intersections.

SmallerDot When stopping for a while, move off the pavement to allow other bikeway users to pass.

SmallerDot Yield to emergency and maintenance vehicles.




SmallerDot Helmets are recommended for all cyclists and required by state law for children under 17.

SmallerDot Stop your bicycle, if necessary, to yield or to prevent an accident.

SmallerDot Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians.

SmallerDot Bicyclists may ride two-abreast only when safe (when the bikeway is uncrowded). Never ride three or more abreast.

SmallerDot A bicycle headlight and rear reflector are required when riding at night. Using a rear light is better.

SmallerDot Ride at a safe speed. (When the bikeway is crowded, you might need to slow down.)


Walking / Jogging

SmallerDot Keep to the right when walking or running on the path.

SmallerDot LOOK before entering the bikeway or changing direction.

SmallerDot Don’t walk or run more than two abreast.


In-Line Skating

SmallerDot Helmets, kneepads, and wristguards are advised.

SmallerDot Keep to the right so that other users may pass safely.

SmallerDot Skate single-file when the bikeway is busy.

SmallerDot Skate at a safe speed, and be prepared to stop suddenly.


Common Courtesy

SmallerDot Do not litter or trespass on private property.

SmallerDot There are leash laws in Arlington, Bedford and Lexington that apply to the Bikeway.  Keep your dog on a short leash.

SmallerDot Pick up after your dog.

SmallerDot Respect other bikeway users. Share the path.