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The Minuteman Bikeway is a Millennium Trail, designated by the White House.

Bikeway restrictions in Lexington

The sewer contractor that is performing inflow and infiltration investigation has informed us that they will be working on the bikeway next week. It will NOT result in a closure but will likely result in the need to dismount and walk around the work through much of the investigation. It is anticipated that this will take about one week and the work will be between Bedford Street and Camellia Place (road between the Fire Station and Nellio’s). There will be two details assigned to this work and it will be performed during the day. The contractor will make every effort to stay to one side when possible but we know there will be times that is not feasible. The work entails too large trucks that work out of manholes. There will be no excavation as part this work.

Please forward this to all parties that you feel may be effected. We will be placing on the website, construction listserve and sending out a tweet in these regards.

Thank you for your help.

John Livsey, PE
Town Engineer
Town of Lexington
201 Bedford St, Lexington MA 02420